Fetolivas – Feta wrapped olives

This is a toast to my love for olives and cheese.

I like olives and I absolutely love cheese. Anything that has cheese attracts me. Any recipe that mentions cheese is more interesting for me to try. All my friends are well aware of how to make me gain weight ūüėõ

Enough of the cheese music, now lets get onto what I did with cheese ūüôā I saw this pin on pinterest, which had the best of two worlds – cheese and olives. And, I decided right away that I am going to try this one for sure. I had that image printed on my mind.

Finally, today when I stopped by the cheese aisle to pick some hard cheese, I picked cream cheese too. Then, I moved further and saw the kalamata olives. Till date, I tried usual black and green olives, but not the Kalamata variety. Wanted to taste the difference, so off they went in my shopping cart.

And, then started the magic. It literally is a magic finger food. It is creamy, salty, bright, and yummy. I don’t know what to call these, so I named them as Fetolivas – Feta wrapped olives. Here is what you need to make it.


 Fetolivas РFeta wrapped olives

 Ingredients for Fetolivas

Yields 8 pops

  • Feta Cheese – 1/4 cup (crumbled)
  • Cream Cheese – 1/4 cup
  • Canned Kalamata Olives – 8 (pitted)
  • Dried herbs – 1¬†tsp (I used dil, parsley and chilli flakes)
  • Sesame seeds – 3 – 4¬†tbsp (toasted); optional
  • Pistachios – 10-12 (crushed);¬†You can use any nuts

feta covered olives


  1. Drain olives; pat dry them with paper towel and set aside.
  2. In a bowl, thoroughly mix feta cheese and cream cheese.
  3. In a plate, place the sesame seeds an crushed pistachios.
  4. Now, scoop some cheese mix in a spoon, place the olive in the center. Gently mold the cheese around the olive shaping it into a ball.
  5. Roll each cheese-covered olive onto the sesame and pistachios mix.
  6. Refrigerate the pops for approximately 30 minutes, or until firm and serve.


feta covered olives


feta covered olives

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