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Kohlrabi or Ganth Gobhi Sabji – a new entry in my kitchen

Every weekend when I go to the supermarket, I stop by the aisle where I see some different vegetables. I am always tempted to buy Kohlrabi and fennel. But, most of the times they are without leaves and I wanted to try recipes that could use the leaves too. Alas!

A few days ago, I was chit chatting with one my friends Shivani and she said she made kohlrabi or ganth gobhi today. She mentioned that the supermarket had Kohlrabi with leaves. And, bang! I knew I need to pick it this time and try it out. And finally here it is, ofcourse after some tips from Shivani. Thanks gal! 🙂

Oh yes, I didn’t use onion and garlic so it is navratra friendly. Don’t confuse it with navratra fast food though.