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Fresh Figs upside down cake

Figs have been in season since some time now. Even though their season is not so long, atleast here in Stockholm we don’t get it for more than a month or two. I have been picking them from the super market. Also, thought of making something with them, but they are so melt in mouth that I can’t keep my hands off. I was in the grocery shop over the weekend and saw the figs again. Back of mind I was planning for Abhisek’s b’day and I picked them thinking, “will do something with these”, but I still had no clue about the ‘what’.

Was surfing the Internet looking for his b’day dinner and cake. Found a lot of upside down cakes, such as pineapple, apple, plum, etc and there it was. I decided that I will take him on a trip to middle east. So, here is what I did, a fig upside down cake, which is also eggless. It is packed with the nutrition of figs, the richness of caramel sauce and the goodness of cinnamon. What else can one ask for? The cake turned out better than my expectations. Absolutely delectable! And, Abhisek, don’t ask about him. I am sure I am getting the demand for another bake soon.

Stewed Apricots in Honeyed Yogurt

With the sweet tooth that I and Abhisek have, we need quick fix desserts a lot of times. But, we just cannot do with the ordinary. I mean like always!! Naaah!!!

So, I keep surfing different blogs for yummy desserts and stumbled upon this wonderful yet quick Greek dessert. And, it was love at first sight. It is simple yet exotic. The name says it all 😉

Snowman Salad

Salads are such an integral part of every cuisine that you cannot avoid them even if you want. At the same time, they can be so quick and effortless affair. Then there are some that you will never fail to impress your guests with. Well, sometimes it s just a matter of presentation of simple things in an exquisite manner. This salad is one of those flattering kinds. 🙂

Baked Paprika Italiano

Sometimes you have limited ingredients and you crave for something delicious, something different. This is one side dish that I can serve n number of times to all my guests. And, I am sure it will be a super hit like it was when I served it at dinner hosted for some special friends. They were flattered with the twist in the taste.

Kashmiri Dum Aloo

There are two maniacs in my home, me and my husband. Me a paneer maniac and he is a potato maniac. Besides …